Aloonaluna - The Gilded Hegemony of Stars SR-019


Lynn Fister’s Aloonaluna project is well known in the cassette world. She has released full length albums on Hooker Vision and Digitalis Limited, plus split cassettes and 7” singles with the likes of Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Ant’lrd and Starry Crowns. She has been featured on Pitchfork’s The Out Door column, Tiny Mix Tapes, and NPR’s All Songs Considered.

On October 21, Fister’s Aloonaluna will release her first full-length vinyl album, The Gilded Hegemony of Stars, on Scioto Records and distributed through CTD Ltd.

Awash in ambient synths, Fister’s vocals are layered into a spacey murmur. It’s an appropriate aesthetic choice for a record that comments on the way many present their lives online.

Says Fister, “Most of the songs were created as a way of coming to terms with millennial culture- with its fragmented morality, narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies, privilege, self- righteousness, definitions, individualistic viewpoint, solipsism etc. Sometimes, I feel alienated and overwhelmed in such a digitized, click-bait, ADD, hook-up cultured, hyper-stylized world. Sometimes art-making seems pointless, as I never felt so weary of interpersonal relationships— which I believe is systemic from current American cultural and socio-political norms. But yet I embrace it and kiss it anyway. I try to wrap my head around a world that I will never be able to understand. My idealized/romanticized pastoral fantasy has been broken again and again, as I try constantly to rebuild a myth.”
released October 21, 2016

All songs written, performed and recorded by Lynn Fister in Asheville, NC between December 2013–May 2016. Lee Folmar on bass guitar (recorded by Clayton Rychlik) on track A1, and production by Christopher Fleeger on track A5. Mastered by Keith Hanlon. Sleeve design by Ron Hester. Thank you to Keith Hanlon, Micah Keith, my sisters, Christopher Fleeger, Lee Folmar, Sarah King, Cliff Cook, Jenn Williams and to all my family and friends for being supportive, inspirational and lovely.


  1. Baby Moldenke We Fell (with Lee Folmar)
  2. Vampirism and Singularity
  3. Sleep in a Tundra
  4. Dope Boy
  5. Terrariums (with prod. by Christopher Fleeger)
  6. Murder Story
  7. Semblance
  8. It Was Feeding On Carrion
  9. Helium
  10. Sculptures
  11. Congratulations
Pressing Information

Limited to 300 copies on colored vinyl. Vinyl cutting by John Hull at Musicol.