Derek Piotr - Shallows (Cassingle) SR-014


Derek Piotr is a Poland-born producer and composer based in New England, whose work focuses primarily on the voice. This cassette single features two exclusive mixes from his upcoming album, Drono. It follows Piotr’s fifth album Bahar, but in stark contrast to Bahar’s pop sensibilities and rhythmic woodwind ensembles, Drono is, as the name implies, a drone album. "Drono" is Malagasy for “wash”, which aptly reflects the transient nature of many of the pieces, most of which are titled after bodies of water.

On "Rivulet to Gulf", the textural effect is that of a cyborg Morton Feldman chorale, elsewhere on "Shallows", mouse-clicks build to an alarming rustle over a pixelated river of hums and whirrs.

The mixes presented here are longer and more feral than their album counterparts.


  1. Shallows (Single Mix)
  2. Rivulet to Gulf (Single Mix)
Pressing Information

Limited edition of 50, hand-assembled C13 Cassette Single