Walks On The Beach - Adoption Tapes SR-009


Walks on the Beach. Sandcastles washing away at high tide, an orange sky reflected on the water. Um, not exactly.

Jerry David DeCicca. Songsmith and voice of The Black Swans. Producer of Larry Jon Wilson and Ed Askew.

Mike Shiflet. Oscillator, feedback generator. Burning Star Core. Sword Heaven. etc.

Ohio. The lake, the river, the other river. David Allen Coe. Albert Ayler. etc.

2002. DeCicca and Shiflet spent four hours together on first meeting in a Ford Taurus for a shared bill: The Black Swans, Mike Shiflet, and 26 other artists in a sandwich shop/sauna. The gig was so horrible not a note was played between them and DeCicca shuttled them away, the drive home infinitely more rewarding. (Footnote: the promoter was arrested years later for video taping women in bathrooms without their knowledge.)

Bond forging is one thing. Record making another.

It took another decade and some change, but the two finally managed to join forces and transform an empty gallery into a makeshift studio space. DeCicca crawled into Shiftlet's world with an electric guitar and a notebook. There were two microphones, a tiny bass amp, computers, electronics, and power strips.


  1. Tortoises
  2. Ditch Diggers
  3. Colorization
  4. Fat Babies
Pressing Information

The vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies (100 on "coke bottle clear" vinyl and the remaining on black). The cover artwork is beautifully reproduced on uncoated stock. Lovingly mastered in Columbus at MusiCol by John Hull.

Cassette version is a hand stamped C44 in clear shell and normal bias cassette. Edition of 100.