DOT - One and The Same SR-008


DOT is Keith Hanlon, a recording engineer, producer and musician. He was a longtime member of folk-rock group The Black Swans, both as an engineer and drummer. With the Black Swans on hiatus, Hanlon has returned to making electronic music, specifically experimenting with drone and ambient recordings.

In 2012, Hanlon lived at his childhood home so he could be close to his ailing mother. Setting up in the living room, he improvised this meditation on mortality and the passing of time.

"One and the Same" is his first release using "infinite loops." By covering up the "erase" head on his Tascam 22 tape deck, he was able to record onto tape loops, constantly saturating the tape with sound. The loops were simultaneously recorded into his computer, while he added additional instruments, effects and field recordings.


  1. Everything Will Proceed Cyclically
  2. Outside Room 106
  3. One and the Same
Pressing Information

Clear C40 tape dubbed in real time from the high resolution digital master. Limited to 50 numbered copies.