Jordan Kirk - Ragamuffin Parade SR-024


Out March 2, 2018

Ragamuffin Parade is an arrangement of songs, written over the course of many years, that is meant to play as a 24 hour "day in the life" experience with moments ranging from mundane to nightmarish.

The album starts in the morning with a simultaneously despairing and somewhat humorous song about love lost and waiting, and then dives in deep into heartbreak, change, acceptance, and death over the next five songs. The seventh through ninth songs, the nocturne-suite if you will, seem to happen outside of real time and space with subject matters range from subconscious fears to hallucinations, and a soundscape that is darker and dreamier. The album ends with a song about an old friend and mental illness, fades into laughter and morning bird chirps.

Although it covers serious matters, it doesn't take itself too seriously. "Sometimes it's accidentally funny, sometimes it's accidentally deep. That's what you get when you let go and let things happen a bit, in the studio, in life" - Jordan Kirk


  1. My Coffee
  2. Just Blinked
  3. Crazy
  4. I Know, I Know I Don't
  5. Almost Nighty-Night
  6. I Was Mine
  7. It's Nothing New
  8. A Hole in Time
  9. Just Waking Just Kidding
  10. Holding the Rabbit, Losing the Dove