Paper Airplane - Othello CD

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What started as a musical ode to overcoming anger and anxiety, turned into an album about the perseverance and joy of rock and roll itself.

After a decade absense from the stage, Ohio garage pop band PAPER AIRPLANE returns with the release of its hard-fought double album “OTHELLO” (Scioto Records) with a show on Oct. 11 at Rumba Café with Corey Landis and the Finer Things and Time and Temperature.

As band singer-songwriter Ryan Horns explains, the music sprang forth all at once in 2017 as he tried to deal with ongoing anger and disappointment toward post-election America. After marathon recording sessions in 2018, the band hit obstacle after obstacle. The lineup changed three times in 2019 because members kept moving away from Columbus. A yearlong cancer scare left Horns with a sudden medical bill pile up. The last slap, of course, was when the album art (featuring Horns pointing a toy ray gun at the camera) was rejected by online stores.

Ultimately, rock and roll is therapy. Horns credits music for not only helping him overcome his anger, but a lifetime dealing with severe social anxiety.

“All I ever wanted to do was play rock music, but I never had the ego or personality for it. I was a bedroom songwriter. I forced myself to do it anyway for almost 20 years. My hands used to shake and my throat would close up. I took public speaking classes. I did anything I could to get over it,” Horns said. “Having rock music as an outlet helped because the reward for having more confidence was playing more music; then I discovered that confidence spilled over into every other aspect of my life.”